Camilla Lyon



Plastikk intarsia på glass ved rullende fortau.

Fablon on glass balustrade by moving walkway.


Anamorphic projection, a process of elongating perspective, allows images to be stretched so that they become clear only when viewed from a certain position. The image is sited on the balustrade so that it is viewed as people move. The image comes into perspective as the viewer is transported along the walkway; losing the correct perspective with movement.

The works are made from sticky back plastic (fablon) and carefully cut and laid on top of each other to construct a realistic image. The sticky back plastic resembles marquetry (a process whereby wood is cut and laid into a panel in furniture to create a decorative image).

The work is quite intricate and represents an investment of time and hand crafted construction referencing the personal investment that we put into architectural projects that reflect our aspirations. The effect of optical illusion in viewing the image ties in to the idea of architectural vision being something transitory and reflecting an illusion to be believed in. The anamorphic image reveals it’s illusory nature whilst allowing the viewer to believe in the image when they view it from the correct position.