Dorothy Szulc



Knitted objects hung from the large pillars. Lampost and litter bin, and lamppost and tree.

Flop is an echo of the furnishings surrounding a pillar in the Galleri. These are made of knitted wool and function as an abstraction from the real Galleri. They are necessarily unsuccessful as objects, a “flop”. They are soft and warm, not solid and functional; a counterpoint to the highly determined design of the Galleri environment. In their isolation from the hubbub below, they offer perhaps a moment of reflection away from the crowd.



Inkjet prints, stencilled ink and charcoal. Suspended from balconies in Schweigaardsgate 12.

is from a series of works that build on drawings made at the London Contemporary Dance School. The excitement, life and rhythm of the dance are core to the works. This rhythm is played out in vertical above the crowds moving across the Galleri below, drawing attention to the movement of people in the strange choreography of the crowd. The work uses the unique drawing with its immediate gestural response to the lived experience as a mere building block to explore more formally the structure of that experience. The contradiction of the unique drawing and the multiplicity of digital reproduction reflect the contradictions of immediacy and considered structure that underpin the dance itself.