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Private View: Monday 20 May 4 - 10pm

Open: Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 May

Tues, Thurs, Fri: 12noon - 7pm; Wed: 11 - 4pm



The Gallery

Edwards Lane, London N16

off Stoke Newington Church Street




"LIGHTS OUT" is a place and a group wholly artist selected. This is work that comes together on a subtle underlying aesthetic and a coherent response to this unique public space. Lit solely by the work, the space is both uncovered and clothed, both explored and enriched, in and through simply the work itself. Seven very different artists: Maren Juell Kristensen; Georgina Colbeck; Dorothy Szulc; Rebecca Harris; Morten Riise-Hanssen; Robin Peters; Catherine Golding; each with different motivations and concerns, bound together here by an indefinable sensibility to the place.  Video projection sits alongside works using light on glass, print, sculpture, sound, shadows.  The Gallery will never look this way again.  If you are in or near Stoke Newington, this is a must. If you are not, it's still well worth the trip.



Trains: Stoke Newington BR or Finsbury Park BR/Tube then 106 Bus

Buses: 67, 73, 76, 149, 234

Level access & disabled parking.




For further information please contact: Email:info:lightsout-exhibition@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone: 07855 870410



Seven artists in a unique public space.  Lit solely by the work, the space is explored in & through the work.