NATURAL 2012              video 07:33 min:


NATURAL is concerned with what is real what is considered natural. At the core of this is the view and validation of objects or recognisable elements both in our imagination and nature.


The physical objects are: a 35cm dia. crystal diamond in a plastic bag (the object is demoted by the opaque plastic). A false acrylic tooth in a zip lock bag and a picture of a pond covered in chlorophyll.


In the film a dentist technician is talking about a procedure where a microchip is implanted into a tooth. An idea  sometimes found in versions of Paranoid Delusional Psychosis .  I have chosen this particular image because it changes with the technological advancement, it used to be radio-transmitters before the digital age, and so on.

The psychotic idea changes, what is natural to imagine - as unreal, changes.



Installation shots UKS, Oslo Norway