"A Monument for a Sim Inventory" 2023


Sculpture: 6 m tall. Reinforced fibreglass and resin, installed in Timisoara, Romania

Augmented reality work: works through Instagram, approx 5 min. duration



The work was commissioned by the 5th Art Encounters Biennial 2023 curated by Adrian Notz.

The sculpture was placed outside Huniade Castle (Timisoara, Romania) and is a dual work; a physical column and an AR work that tells a story.



From the Biennial Curatorial text:

"Albrecht Dürer’s renowned work Rhinocerus, created in 1515 without the artist ever seeing the depicted animal. It was a response to a strange encounter, the first rhino travelling to the European continent since antiquity. But Ganda, as its Gujarati name was, reached Pope Leo X only as a taxidermic relic. Dürer’s imaginative woodcut became one of the most influential animal images, finding its way into scientific publications up until the 18th century and continuing to be incorporated into numerous artistic imageries long after."



The idea that something is recreated or retold with limited knowledge is essential in many of my works (like The Party) and I worked further on this with the Rhinoceros story in mind, expanding it with a story from Philip K Dick and the computer game inventory. Looking into Dürer, I found that he designed a monument for the victory of the German peasant’s war in 1525. A drawing of a collection of artefacts, animals and people stacked on top of each other, like a column of objects. The sculpture was never produced, but I used the drawing as a starting point for the work.



In the computer game inventory, you have resources you can craft, use, or build your world with (magi elixirs, sustenance elements, weapons, tools). I was inspired by the novel The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1964) by Philip K. Dick, where people have fun with a game called Perky Pat. It is similar to the computer game franchise, The Sims, but the characters in it own actual, miniature items created by artists. By placing these objects in various configurations (and taking a hallucinogen), the characters in the book escape from the bitter atmosphere of the alien colonies into a fictional reality. In the work Sim Inventory I imagine an alien species descending on Earth and collecting several objects that can be used in a Sim. To Play at being human. To try to understand us.

This is what they take with them. A sort of memorial of humanity. Seemingly random things, but they all have a function, and are very much in use today- by us




AR is developed by: Augumented Space Agency

Sculpture by:  Matyas Attilla

Project financed by EEA grant and Praksis Oslo, produced by Art Encounters Foundation.

A Monument For a Sim Inventory. Maximum amount of objects for one ride. Around gather. Sorry for the spread. Hard to fit. No cupboards, or storage space in hull. They will pick it up soon. I am junior youngling assistant. Puppy. Sapling. I have made a translator. Very new. Tender. We borrow items for the future. We don’t take. We want stories and understand. Not problems. We use, like you. You will: Locate. Discover. The translator will read the Inventory for You. Do not spit/worry/tend worry! ITEM 1: STONE MINERAL The stone is the most common foundling in the inventory of our sim. It builds everything. Do not be put off by dullness. Power hides. Play with its core. Tickle it. STRENGHTS: It is everything and everywhere. WEAKNESSES: Power Eludes Dreaming. ITEM 2: VESSEL APPENDIX The Beverage Vessel exists in most biomes in our Sim. Extensive multiplication is needed. It is single-use only and always carried while used. Inside it has the essence of 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine. This will enable us speed, awareness, and productivity. An important appendix to endure the Sim. Be aware it grows exponentially. STRENGTHS: Multiplicity. The secret lies in its contents. WEAKNESSES: Anxiety (look up Emotions in manual). ITEM 3: FROG One of the few creatures in our sim. Called a Pet. It needs water, like most living things on earth. It is very durable and can be placed in any biome. The frog has many secret capabilities. Its biomarker is similar to that of our ancestors. Frog can be used as pregnancy test if your characters appear to be in season. Simply inject a bit of human urine to the frog’s hind leg. Developed as a building block in the Xenobot extension pack. This will be available in the next upgrade. STRENGHTS: Adaptability, durability, and biological similarities to humans. Hard to extinguish. WEAKNESSES: It can spawn Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis fungus, which can cause plague in your biome. It eats everything, including friends. ITEM 4: WOOD STICK Asset packaged in multiples. Always two, sometimes millions. This is made of an unprocessed earth base material called ‘wood’. Do not confuse it with our fractals. Most use of this crafted version is to consume nourishment. Something you must remember to do every 4 hours, as stated in the manual. STRENGHTS: Nourishment organising, fire making, building. WEAKNESSES: Practice essential. Must be kept clean. ITEM 5: USEFUL ARTHROPOD Thrives in water-based biomes, in family with Pet called: Scorpion, but name given is Crab. Can be found in ITEM 1 STONE, after 400 million years of sleep. This is only an exo skeleton and not living tissue. We make separate monuments to this version of our cousins in due time. The high Bit Currency value is due to its blue blood and usefulness in medical development. Be aware of spike. STRENGTHS: Blood clotting with magical opportunities. UV scannable. WEAKNESSES: Very vulnerable when flipped on its back. Non evolving. ITEM 6: PLEASURE TORUS Rotationally symmetric solid torus. Contents are High glucose and fatty solids. Also called oil cake. Has a long history but is now used as a placeholder in some biomes, and life cycles. We excavate for hidden meaning. Still not found. STRENGTHS: Immediate sustenance. Longevity due to sugar and fat content. Stackable. Powers of pleasure and energy. WEAKNESSES: It looks like it possesses magic powers. There are none. We think. (Script for AR production Maren Dagny Juell 2023)
Documentation by Adrian Câtu, myself and various screenshots of AR through visitors phones.