This is the World (2023)

Video installation, video 3 min duration. 40 blow-up pillows with print.


Made for the Norweigan Drawing Triennial 2023 with Tenthaus Bitacora.


The work is centred around world-building as a way of imagining other futures and passing on information. I am exploring the gap between text and image, legacy and misunderstanding- maybe here interpreted by another intelligence?


Exposing the bare bones of a world built in the games engine Unreal, a tool I use in most of my projects, I play with the actual construction and artefacts. Exposed with errors and gaps.


An AI-driven voice with various intonations, genders and ages that all say the same sentence and the image and printed symbols are an interpretation of this.


Installation photos from Tenthaus Project Space, here between Stan D Haene with Stach Szumski to the left and on wall and trond Hugo Haugen to the right