Flexible Schedule is a Virual Reality installation custom made for an arts admin office initially at Atelier Nord, Oslo. A series of goopy, tactile sculptures (metal, fake leather, cast silicon with pigment) are mirrored as furnishings in the virtual version of the office and visitors are encouraged to touch. The virtual version is based on game aesthetics and has some gaming elements. It has a very fast (2 min) day-night cycle and objects that react to proximity. A voice over with commands that sometimes are actual and sometimes not guide you through the experience of being at work and possibly not achieving anything With Flexible Schedule, I am exploring how the sensory apparatus can receive input from a virtual and physical space simultaneously. I am also interested in how the body is subjugated by economic power structures through the use of language that praises flexibility. Full transcript of voice over can be read here (pdf)
Chair, keyboard, imac, lamp, scrum board, waste basket, plant. Made of steel, fake leather, silcon with pigment. 3x4 m area.
VR view
Chair, matches up with chair by desk.
VR view with sunset, day night cycle changes the light
Short documentation.