Ghillie Dhu (part 1 and 2) Ghillie Suit (cotton, glue, fishnet, jute) steel clothes rail, epoxy and steel clothes hanger. Video: 02:42 min (no sound) iPad, plastic bag, hook. A Ghillie suit is a camouflage suit used by the military but also for hunting, paintball and as a sport in camouflaging for the sake of it. The word Ghillie comes from the Gaelic : 'ghillie dhu' a mythical elf who lived in trees and deep forests. I have followed on line tutorials on how to make a Ghillie step by step, which includes dying jute and shredding it. This suit has a pink tracksuit as a base layer, this can be glimpsed through the threads Gender is an issue in survivalists environment as as far as this is an acceptable form of textile craft, for men. As in the video “tutorial#6 I am mostly interested in the existential focus of survival, and art making and parameters of success. Does these change with gender? The Process video with a fictitious narrative end is displayed on an iPad in a plastic bag on a hook next to the clothes rail.
Texted dialogue over landscape pictures: Can you see her? Eh….no What about in this one? She’s, wait a minute, behind that bush? No? I have watched tons of these, I mean loads. And they always keep you waiting and then suddenly appears, to show off how good they are. But here, I dunno. She told me she followed the procedure to the letter, even hand died several shades of jute. I give up, lets go. She’ll be upset you know. I know but isn’t she always? Is she? Yes, she always feels like she fails. Well. She’s succeeded now.