Select work that might be included in an installation but also functions as a single screen. Some are free to view online others can be viewed by appointment. IT FITS BEAUTIFULLY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND, 2020, 06.51 min Part of a video installation with clay figures made for BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts) 2020. The installation is concerned with the seductive screen and appeal of the smartphone and its surface. Its carved place as an artificial limb. The tactile, haptic organ with the world within it – that is has become. The title is a quote from Steve Jobs description of the size of the phone, from the Launch of the first iPhone in 2007. Written, edited and graphics by Maren Dagny Juell Photography by Aleksander Andreassen Voice over by Samantha Lawson recorded at Notam Commissioned by BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts for Latent City 2020 THE PARTY, 2020, 09:41 min A surreal post-apocalyptic home party placed in an undefined future where the location is fluid. This work focus on 3D printed replicas of various household plastic objects, common in 2012, which take on a new role in a post plastic future. The party-host guides the party participants through a fragmented story about and relationship with objects. Reenacting a home party, in a world where this is not possible or relevant. Questioning ideas around Object Orientated Ontology and current collection and valuation of artefacts. This work is part of Maren Dagny Juell’s video series Tutorials where she questions the role of advice and instructions through a mediated technological society. In addition to the film, Maren produces a sculpture made of 3D printed objects as a display to be placed in the middle of an arboretum (in a forest) at the University of Biosciences (NMBU) in Norway. The plastic objects are printed in PVA, a material made of corn that composts when exposed to nature. CAST Host: Iselin Shumba Man: Aslak Juell Kristensen Women (from right to left): Sarune Bartuasuite Kaupiene Kuya Bae Andrea Fritsvold Yvonne Layne CREW Written, directed, edit and graphics: Maren Dagny Juell Director of photography: Mattias Pollak B Photo: Annicken Aasheim Light. Jon Andre Hakavåg Sound recording: Rune Baggerud Sound designer/composer: Arild Iversen Colourist Make up artist: Kristina Kvam Production manager: Hanne Rivrud Production assistant: Miriam Hald SUPPORT Commissioned by KORO Norway Supported by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Forbundet Frie Fotografer
TUTORIAL#13 JOY, 2019, 04:25 min As a part of the Tutorial series, this video is based on information from You-tube, Ted talks and chat forums. JOY deals with efficiency, productivity and optimising by quoting CEO’s and time management consultants. The English script is read by two Norwegian 9-year-olds, in their bedrooms. Girl 1: Olivia Felton Girl 2: Andrea Midtbøen Fladmoe Cinematography: Aleksander Andreassen Sound Recording: Brage Grastvedt Production Assistant: Julie Hjelt Wold Audio Mastering: Arild Iversen
'Let's Make it Super Premium'. 2018, 06:00 min A monologue based on quotes from advice given in video tutorials by Person Trainer instructors and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. I play with the idea of video tutorial as a moving image format free from responsibility and full of easy solutions. The confident white male is promoting content of vailed emptiness and exposing the vanity of the tutor. Actor: Per Bogstad Gulliksen Camera.: Aleksander Andreassen Sound recording: Ronny Vedal Soundtrack: Octavcat Assiants: Tonje Alice Madsen, Hanne Rivrud Tutorial#10 Every Team Member, 2017, 02:28 min The departure points of this work include instructional videos and management training tools, online self-actualisation and ‘mindfulness’ forums and tutorials on stress management. Collaging and adapting elements from these and other sources the work gives birth to an elegant and attractive yet unstable ‘subject’ who speaks with a double tongue, veering between the compassionately human and the digitally generated, and delivering a message that is simultaneously authoritative and incoherent, reassuring and vacuous. Piquing a range of anxieties around the instrumentalisation of many aspects of contemporary life, the remodelling of ideas of autonomy and the invasion of digital technologies into human intercourse. Actor: Melanie Smirou Cinematography: Aleksander Andreassen Make up: Kristina Kvam Production Assistant: Ole Petter Ribe Tutorial#6: It’s our ability to create stylish meals that separates us from the animals (Bear Grylls), 2016, 08:30 min This work refers to instructional videos by survivalists. Three men meet. They have a conversation made up by fragments quotations I have collected from instructional tutorial videos and on-line forums about survival. During the meeting, they all make a flower out of gaffer tape, zip-ties and para-cord. A flower is useless in a survival situation. I wish to question the reality of the whole situation and art-making as an activity. What is useful, what is human? The work is initially made for an exhibition related to the tapestry weaver Frida Hansen (1855-1931) and also includes sculptures. I was interested in the gender roles assigned to textile craft and the purpose involved in these activities (craft clubs- craft as therapy). My project is a fictional account of the male-dominated culture of survivalist, where knowing your craft and materials are highly regarded.